Our Vision

We are a group of like-minded individuals with different background but a mutual aim:
We are committed to making a difference...

"Memorandum of Understanding" with the Alkalo of the village Penyem

We strongly believe that one of the key factors for an independent and fulfilled living are education and professional skills.

Therefore our overall objective is to establish a Skill Center for young Gambian women and men in order to provide free and high-quality skills training.

First steps need to be undertaken with the support of cooperation partners: companies, NGO´s, universities and individuals with knowledge in renewable energy technologies, crafts and sustainable projects - just to name a few. Knowledge transfer will be guaranteed through the structure of the Skill Center – students of today will become the teachers of tomorrow - each one teach one.

The Skill Center will provide services and establish its own production sites with the aim to generate income and strive for financial independency. All income earned through the Center will solely be used for the maintenance of the foundation and further expansion of the Skill Center.

On the long-term we aim for the financial independency of the foundation and the Skill Center – owned and governed by Gambians.


Know-how is the key to build your future.

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The Gambia belongs to the countries with an average income of 1.3 USD/day (GDP of 480 per capita / April 2018).
The official unemployment rate in the population group of 18 to 30 is about 50%.


Even after a political democratic change in 2016 the job perspectives for young Gambians stay extremely difficult.

The Back-way

The so-called “Back-way” – the dangerous and live-costing travel to Europe – is still being undertaken. Families gather their belongings to send their most talented boys and sometimes even girls with big hopes to Europe, as they expect financial support from them in return after their arrival.

The Alternative

With our approach to the situation we try to offer alternatives and opportunities for young Gambian women and men in search of a better life. The personal development and thereby contribution to the country´s economic situation is an ambitious objective but far more better than risking the lives for unknown destinations with unknown futures.

Who we are

Currently a team of 6 active members - in and outside of The Gambia - are striving for the center.

Dagmar Fink

"Development chances should be independent from their home of origin."

Dam Ahmadu Nyang

"Know-how is the key to build your future."

Njogu Bah

"Offering perspectives for Gambian youth as an alternative to the Back-way."

Momodou Kebbeh

"Everyone should have the same possibilities to create his own future."

Kebba Jallow

"Taking a step into structural development."

Baboubarr Cham

"Sustainable support instead of short-term development aid."

Get Involved

What we are looking for...

As we are still at the beginning of this huge project, we are looking for anybody who is sharing our vision and initiative and would like to contribute and can be of help:

  • Companies – internationally working or already involved in the Western African Area – interested in educating their future mechanics and technicians
  • Universities and Universities of Applied sciences with study abroad programs
  • Individuals who would like to take part – either personally on the spot or just by contributing.
  • Sponsors willing to provide financial help for the initial needs of the center.
  • And sponsors willing to grant IT devices (computers, laptops, printers) for the set up of an IT class.


Just send us an e-mail to mail@skillsforthegambia.org.
We will reply in a couple of hours.
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